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Welcome Home 1, February 28, 2007

Welcome on my first home page… Quite boring things are said by peolpe, and I have the reputation of being boring, too slow in everything I do in life to be a conformist in a sense. But thats me, thats my story, a story told to myself as time will wipe out all my memories of those days when I was a kid, a teenager, a young adult and I guess all the tears of my body & my soul will never change anything to this fatality! I’ll expose this partly only for myself, not for pride, not for boast, not for saying to the world that I exist, but only for me and those who counts to me. As I want to remember tomorrow who I was, and those who have contributed to who I’ll be…

Each human life is short and somehow unreal, we forget to live, we forget that it will soon end and that we have missed it all, like the musician who is too concerned into making a perfect performance that he forgot to enjoy one of the greatest moments of his life… You’ll only end with regrets! Be prolific, even if it cost some seconds of your miserable life, love and be loved…

Thanks for the visit,


Feeling depressed test my Flying High Playlist !!!


4 Responses to “Welcome Home”

  1. doorgesh Says:

    welcome to the wordpress community bro 😛

  2. Tipti Ai Says:

    ze tm mon die die

  3. raymon Says:


  4. rems Says:

    welcome to the blogging world. let’s link exchange.

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